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STUDy IN Latvia

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About Latvia

Latvia is a member of the United Nations, European Union and several other international organizations. Latvia is very small and is home to only about 2 million people. However, what Latvia lacks in size, it has in spirit and determination.


The currency is the Latvian Lat, abbreviated LVL & is currently one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. Latvia is a member of the EU and NATO.

Study in Latvia

Latvia provides master’s degree students with a curriculum that includes a global and cross-cultural perspective. In addition, Latvian institutions provide a high quality education at a reasonable price, including tuition, fees and cost of living expenses.


It offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral level programs to the students. 


The cost of living in Latvia is very low. Many universities provide accommodations for international students that cost from €85 to €230 per month, depending upon living arrangements.


In Latvia, the entry criteria is very simple and also you can apply for the same without having IELTS. Whether you apply to Public or Private Institution, both are very affordable for the students. 


Most people who study in here want to stay back because they have so many wonderful opportunities for a job.


The only language that you have to know in here is English. You need a have a proper grip in English and you will be absolutely fine.


If an international student wants to work and study in Latvia, he needs to apply for part time work permit in Latvia. He/ She can work 20 hours a week. 


After the completion of your course in Latvia, you can look for job openings in the country and in other member countries of the European Union. The other members of the European Union recognise the diploma you earned from universities and colleges in Latvia.

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