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Key Highlights:

  • Public universities in Germany are known for their high-quality education and diverse academic programs. 

  • They provide an excellent platform for students to pursue their higher education goals.

Reichstag Building

 About Germany 

  • Germany is the EU's largest economy –fourth place in the world behind the US, China and Japan.

  • One of the world's largest car producers

  • German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for around 52 percent of the entire economic output.

  • Germany's education system produces top performers – 86 percent of adults aged 25–64 have completed at least upper secondary - Above EU average of 74.2 percent.

  • Global leader in climate and energy policies – Decided in 2011 to decommission all nuclear power stations by 2022 and to replace them with renewable energies.

Introduction to German Universities

University bust statue
At the Lustgarten
At the Lustgarten

Why Study in Germany?

  • Germany Is Among The Top 4 Destinations In the World For Education.

  • Strongest Economy In Europe

  • Low Living Costs

  • Lowest Rate Of Unemployment In Europe

  • 1.5 Year Post-study Visa For Graduates

  • Get Work Permit / Permanent Residence (Pr) After 3 Years

  • German Language Not Required

All About
Public Universities

  • Every Major German City Has At Least One University 

  • Ranked Among The World’s Best

  • Zero Tuition Fees

  • 7 German Universities Make The World’s Top 250

  • They Offer High Level Research Based Degrees

  • Large Number Of Courses Taught In English

  • Popular For Engineering And Technical Courses

List Of Some Top Universities

1 Rheinisch-westfälische Technische Hochschule 
(Rwth) Aachen
2 Rheinische Friedrich-wilhelms-universität Bonn
3 Universität Zu Köln
4 Technische Universität Dortmund
5 Universität Duisburg-essen
6 Ruprecht-karls-universität Heidelberg
7 Universität Freiburg
8 Karlsruhe Institute Of Technology
9 Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
10 Technische Universität München
11 Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
12 Ludwig-maximilians-universität München
13 Humboldt-universität Zu Berlin
14 Universität Frankfurt Am Main
15 Freie Universität Berlin
16 Technische Universität Berlin

Academic Programs And Majors Offered

Various Fields Of Engineering, Including Mechanical, Electrical, And Software Engineering, Are Offered.
Specialized Medical Programs And Research Opportunities In Healthcare And Biomedical Fields Are Available.
Business Management:
A Wide Range Of Business Administration And Management Programs Cater To Diverse Career Aspirations.
Arts And Humanities:
From Literature And Languages To History And Cultural Studies, An Array Of Liberal Arts Programs Is Offered.

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